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High temperature label material

High temperature resistant label material is introduced

High temperature labels most of the application in the special industrial environment, such as: circuit board, ESD, wire cable, steel, aluminum, ceramic hot rail, flame retardant materials, for the bar code identification of resistance to chemical corrosion, anti friction materials. Can be used for a variety of printing technology finishing, such as potential transfer, ink jet, laser, stylus, aniline printing and thermal transfer etc,,,,,

Through professional research and advanced technology, the introduction of ultra high temperature lead-free application series of thermal transfer labels, especially suitable for industrialized lead-free process of international standards and the label has a high temperature requirements of the harsh working environment, is a printed circuit board or other electronic parts with characters or bar code to identify the ideal choice.

Ultra high temperature series of tags can be made using thermal transfer printing, and demonstrated the best PCS and first-class read rates, exhibit excellent chemical resistance and abrasion resistance, maximum resistance to high up to 1000degrees F (538 degrees C ) temperature, resistance to a variety of flux, melting agent and cleaning agent and other chemicals and high temperature and wear and extreme environment, to ensure that the various extreme harsh application environment to maintain excellence performance.

-- the best choice of lead-free process

Ultra high temperature labels characteristics: the use of type1 mil polyimide material, to ensure good quality under the premise of not expensive, is noble:

Save your logo cost, so you get the best price;

Ultrathin composite structure is suitable for the whole process of solder paste printing process, to meet the most demanding requirements;

The ultra-thin characteristics consistent with3C products such as MP3circuit board to miniaturization, high density development trend.

Maximum resistance to315 DEG C /50 minutes under:

Do not fall off, no deformation;

Resist all kinds of chemical erosion and wear;

To maintain the stability of quality;

To achieve lead-free manufacturing international standard.

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