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 The tire label
The tire label

The coated paper / aluminum PET composite material, high viscosity acrylic adhesive, in a rough surface with good bonding force special label materials, is the best choice for the tire label.

The binder can penetrate into the concave surface, strong sticky, viscous strong

Unique plug the tyre surface seeps softener function, it is not easy to fall off

Suitable for curing temperature on tire paste

Provides high speed transmission line on100% precise first read the scan

The temperature can reach 200DEG C, short vulcanization temperature can reach higher

Tire in the complex and harsh conditions, it ran under various load, stress and deformation, high and low temperature effect, therefore has higher bearing capacity, traction performance, cushioning performance. At the same time, still ask to have high abrasion resistance and resistance to flexion and flexible, low rolling resistance and heat build-up. World rubber consumption quantity half for tire production.

Product structure

Mask: paper-plastic composite material (80g high light white copperplate paper composite12 u m aluminizing PET )

Gum:28 u m permanent acrylic latex

At the end of paper:80g brown kraft paper

Features and advantages:

* high quality glossy paper, good printing adaptability

The high tack adhesive can be adapted to various texture surface

The superior tear properties

Product characteristics

Annular initial adhesion of FTM-9, not embroidered steel8N / inch2

The initial release force FTM-2, stainless steel,20 minutes of 8N / inch

The final release force FTM-2, stainless steel,24 hours of 10N / inch

From the FTM-31gf / inch

Stock period stored in temperature22C, relative humidity50-55% environment for 1 years

Use characteristics

The best labeling temperature:15~ 40C

Using temperature range: - 40~ + 100 C C

Dimensions: width: 1.25M

Length:200M, can be cut according to customer requirements

If there is any product selection and Application on the issue, please consult our technical and sales representative.

Matters needing attention

Material relating to the physical and chemical characteristics is based on the information we consider credible test results. In this list of typical numerical as the choice of the materials and reference, but does not constitute a guarantee. The company reserves the right to relevant technical data to make modifications without prior notice of rights.

Quality assurance

Sealton material is in the strict quality control system for production. Sold in any material such as confirmed our quality defects, the unconditional return. We return the range will not exceed the corresponding material price. Any sales or agent shall be entitled to offer beyond the statement above guarantee.


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