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 Grid bottom 50um coating of bright white
Grid bottom 50um coating of bright white

Sealton soccer 2005

50 u m coated white PET label materials

Date:2010 /08 /27

Product introduction

Sealton 2005with a special coating of matte silver polyester label materials, has excellent tearing strength, high temperature resistance, dimensional stability and resistance to chemical corrosion, but also has excellent printing adaptability, is the ideal of various permanent label.

Product structure

Mask:50 u m coated white PET film

Gum:22 u m permanent emulsion acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive

At the end of paper:80gsm white glassine

Features and advantages

The excellent die-cutting machining performance;

* good printing adaptability;

The excellent heat transfer printing ink adhesion capability, good;

The high temperature resistance, aging resistance, chemical corrosion, suitable for the application of durability of;

Product characteristics

Annular initial adhesion of FTM-9, not embroidered steel6N / inch2

The initial release force FTM-2, stainless steel,20 minutes of 8N / inch

The final release force FTM-2, stainless steel,24hours and 10N / inch

From the FTM-31gf / inch

Stock period stored in temperature22C, relative humidity50-55% environment for 1 years

Use characteristics

The best labeling temperature:15~ 40C

Using temperature range: - 40~ + 120 C C

Size specification:

Width: 1.22M

Length:200M, can be cut according to customer requirements

If there is any product selection and Application on the issue, please consult our technical and sales representative.

PET is the English abbreviation of polyester film, actual it is a kind of polymer material. PET have better hard and brittle, can be high temperature, resist the bad environment, acid and alkali resistant, chemical corrosion, very suitable for outdoor and higher quality requirements of the label. Its colors are common matte silver, matte, white, bright silver, white and transparent and several. According to the thickness is25 times (1= 1um ),50 times,75 times and other specifications, and the actual requirements of the relevant manufacturers. Polyester material thin but high strength, surface coating for printing ink adhesion, but during the printing process to UV light can be cured. High performance adhesive suitable for a variety of surface, the processing after printing used in product identification.

PET label development trend:

1in the global scope, glass containers, cans and other containers used in the reduction of plastic container, application on the increase, which will lead to various labels products market share redistribution.

2in-mold labels with moderate growth.

Application of lightweight glass bottle to shrink label usage continues to increase, the PET bottle plastic label usage will increase rapidly, glass and plastic container with a label value and the application will further expand.

The 3 variable information ( such as text, bar code, data, batch, price and weight) printing equipment increased rapidly, will promote the development of variable information label.

A 4paper and web printing [4] is the fastest growing.

5digital design and imaging technology, new materials and new production technology development, more and more digital.

6 combinations of new printing technology growth.

7 environmental issues are getting more and more attention.

Bright white PET and matte silver PET is now the electronics industry with the comparison of multiple products. Printing effect is good, good stiffness.

Matters needing attention

Material relating to the physical and chemical characteristics is based on the information we consider credible test results. In this list of typical numerical as the choice of the materials and reference, but does not constitute a guarantee. The company reserves the right to relevant technical data to make modifications without prior notice of rights.

Quality assurance

Sealton material is in the strict quality control system for production. Sold in any material if the confirmation of our manufacturing defects, the unconditional return. We return the range will not exceed the corresponding material price. Any sales or agent shall be entitled to offer beyond the statement above guarantee.


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