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 The explosion-proof membrane
The explosion-proof membrane

Safety explosion-proof membrane introduction

One, safety explosion-proof membrane Reviews

Every year, tens of thousands of people worldwide are due to lethal fragments of broken glass flying or falling but the injury, disability or death. Unfortunately many of the broken glass is not expected, such as earthquake, glass explode or terrorist explosion. In these circumstances, the existing building may not have any form of protection, to prevent the glass on the destruction of property, the occupants of the harm and damage of indoor furniture.

Safety film substrate is a multilayer tough polyester film, composite special glue, and then attached to building the inner surface of the glass, the glass to form a" tough invisible barrier", in order to prevent natural disasters and terrorist explosion caused by glass splash damage, reducing the possibility of personal injury, the protection of property, stop the thief, can upgrade the existing glass window to safety regulations, but low cost, fast operation.

Two, safety explosion-proof membrane function and characteristics

Fixed broken glass in the frame, to prevent the glass from vandals and thieves like flying from harmful UV clear not to be aware of surface scratch resistant coating is durable.

Three, safety explosion-proof membrane to solve the problem

Prevent personal injury

Preventing typhoon, earthquake and other natural disasters

To prevent breaking windows robbery

To prevent a break-in

Preventing terrorist explosion

Prevent the tempered glass explode

To prevent high glass curtain wall.

Prevention of indoor furniture and flooring.

Four. The working principle of safety film explosion-proof membrane, is the use of a high precision electrolyte sputter coating method, in the PET ( polyethylene in benzene = esters) refined transparent composite polyester fiber membrane into the metal layer with high strength, cohesive force, tensile strength, high elongation, strong160% acid, alkali resistance, at high temperatures can also maintain the good state of physical properties. By containing various metal plating injection99% UV protection, at the same time barrier for different wavelength thermal energy, reached the barrier of ultraviolet and visible light to bring heat. At the same time keep good transmittance.

Improved glass explosion-proof performance is the key to ease the external impact force, mainly through two ways to achieve:

First: to make full use of the adhesive layer and the metal coating to improve glass rigidity, impact force in surface decomposition. Metal plating of the ductility and strength can effectively counteract and decomposition impulse; even if the glass is broken, membrane the metal materials will produce tensile force and the adhesive layer of glial together pull on the glass fragments, prevent splash, effectively protect the personal and property safety.

Second: membrane through a unique stacking interaction sliding displacement, remission through the glass effect to safety film, impact force, forming a unique impact resistance, according to estimates may be enhanced by5-7 times the strength of glass, effectively prevent due to external impact caused by the broken glass.

Five. The riot membrane structure in general, explosion-proof membrane structure has the following:

In 1, the wear-resistant layer: made of wear-resistant polyurethane composition, hardness of4H;

In 2, colored PET security base: made of high strength, high transparent PET polyester paint melt extrusion biaxially oriented system, since the pigment in the folder PET membrane, prevents oxidative discoloration, long service life of 8years;

In 3, the metal thermal insulation layer: in PET film by vacuum evaporation plating or vacuum magnetron sputtering metallic aluminum, silver, nickel and so on infrared high reflectivity of the nanometer metal layer;

In 4, a composite adhesive: by weatherability good high transparent polyurethane adhesive composition;

In 5, UV absorbing layer: by the special UV absorbent composition, barrier99% uv;

6, transparent PET security base: made of high strength, high transparent PET polyester film, is designed to put the metal layer is placed in the middle, prevent oxidation of the metal, metal film life extension;

7, mounting adhesive: by weatherability good high transparent acrylic adhesive composition;

In 8, high transparent PET release film.


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