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 Wear protective film
Wear protective film

R series super wear-resistant protective film products selected high-quality acrylic resin modified by nano materials formed, with high hardness, high wear resistance and high tensile strengths.

According to the product hardness from 1H-3H division:

Hardness of 1H, high tensile and high wear resistance. Elongation at break up to 60%;

Hardness of 2H, tensile, hardness abrasion balance;

Hardness of 3H, high hardness and high wear resistance.

Other excellent properties:

Printable surface ( surface energy greater than 38 dynes )

Low Rainbow Stripes

Product applications:

In 1, the touch screen ITO

In 2, mobile phone

In 3, the appliance panel

4, film switch / electronic products windows and screen

In 5, IMD / IML

Product details please consult the relevant sales personnel.


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