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100 u m PET sticky transparent protectiv

Sealton R T10102100 m in PET sticky transparent protective film

Date:2011 /02 /19

Product introduction

The product is a smooth surface protection and development, applicable to the LCD liquid crystal display, optical resin lenses ( PMMA or PC ), and a metal plating layer, and the plastic devices, on the surface of the surface protection, has excellent scratch resistant, high temperature resistant, stripping without leaving any residue etc..

Product structure

Mask:100 u m PET transparent film

Gum:8 u m solvent based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive in adhesive

At the end of paper:110gsm yellow leather release paper

Features and advantages

L excellent die-cutting machining performance;

L high cleanliness, no impurities;

L can clean peeling, no residue;

L high temperature resistant, anti-aging, steam, chemical corrosion.


Product characteristics

The initial release force FTM-2, stainless steel,30 minutes of 30g / inch

The final release force FTM-2, stainless steel,24hours 30~ 40g / inch

Use characteristics

Optimal pasting temperature:15 ~40 degree C

Using temperature range: - 40DEG to120DEG C C ~ +

Size specification:

Width: 1.09M

Length:400M, can be cut according to customer requirements

If there is any product selection and Application on the issue, please consult our technical and sales representative.

Matters needing attention

Material relating to the physical and chemical characteristics is based on the information we consider credible test results. In this list of typical numerical as the choice of the materials and reference, but does not constitute a guarantee. The company reserves the right to relevant technical data to make modifications without prior notice of rights.

Quality assurance

Sealton material is in the strict quality control system for production. Sold in any material if the confirmation of our manufacturing defects, the unconditional return. We return the range will not exceed the corresponding material price. Any sales or agent shall be entitled to offer beyond the statement above guarantee.


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